A couple years ago there was a game jam I wanted to participate in where developers would have to take two genres or gameplay mechanics that aren’t necessarily found together and combine them. I had an idea for it, however I never really had time to work on it. Essentially I was going to take Tetris and incorporate it into a turn based RPG.

As of two weeks ago I started actually working on the project on and off between work and school. Currently I have the Tetris gameplay functioning, and the start of the turn based combat. So far it works as follows:

  • Players have 3 party members

  • Each party member is mapped to singles, doubles and triples

  • Clearing lines will give a party member a “Power-Mino” based on how many lines are cleared

  • A Tetris will give every party member a “Power-Mino”

  • After time expires on the player’s turn each party member with a “Power-Mino” will attack

Those are the features that are currently implemented. Features I plan on implementing soon include:

  • Enemy attacks will prepare “Garbage-Minos” on various party members.

  • Clearing lines will remove these “Garbage-Minos” from party members

  • If by the end of the player’s turn a party member still has “Garbage-Minos” the board will fill up with X amount of rows

  • If the player’s Tetriminos reach the top of the board, the player loses.